Business Membership

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Created with owners & operators of fitness facilities in mind, the Business Membership Program will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to help drive your business to the next level. We will help you grow your business profitably in an increasingly competitive market. This unique membership will allow you to improve staff recruitment and morale, decrease expenses and increase productivity at all levels. For more information please contact Rosa Tejada at

Customize Business Membership Levels

Level 1: Business Start-up & Growth Program

  • Designed to help business that aspire to grow by connecting owners with industry professionals for networking, recruiting, purchases and marketing support.

Level 2: Business Plus: Growth & Recruitment

  • Using industry expertise and connections, canfitpro supports businesses in determining and implementing their growth, marketing and talent development strategy.

Level 3: Business Gold: Growth, Recruitment & Expansion

  • Facilitated events and activities in partnership with canfitpro to promote networking and collaboration between fitness business, to encourage and increase knowledge exchange.
  • Dedicated canfitpro Account Manager and Certification Administrator to support business owners for recruitment, certification and course registrations, reports and resources.