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Seven strategies to TONE and TIGHTEN with food without doing a single abdominal crunch!

Written by Tosca Reno

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Despite our best efforts, many of us find it challenging to achieve a tight midsection rippling with muscle. Exercise can bring us most of the way but there are strategies related to food that can cinch in those final inches. Here are 7 strategies I have found to be most effective in achieving an enviable waist.

Food itself, although intended to nourish, can be a great insult to the body. Remember that your body keeps a better record of what you eat and how you train than any journal ever could. When your belly bloats, it's usually a reaction to something you are eating. If you continue to eat dairy, for example and you are among the 70% of North Americans who no longer have the correct enzymes or enough of them to digest it, you can imagine what kind of chaos that will cause in your gut. Bloat, gas, diarrhea ... 

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