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Battlefield 1 download torrent

Battlefield 1

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Battlefield 1 is a first-hand shooter set up during the Second World War. It was created for Plaistation 4, KSBok One and Windows computers. You’re probably used to the VV1 games at this time and recognize that they usually have the following telecommunications equipment and a thin car, but not this game. This game is hard-working real and fierce. You have not experienced an explosion yet on Battlefield 1.

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At first glance, you might think “Medal of Honor,” but play a little and you will see that there is a huge difference. Playing is much softer and has much more about you than the honor of playing medals. Tie in the bright 1 in the first person, where the gun is held in the lower left corner of the screen until you start shooting. Keep the story in a linear way, but in an environment that feels openworld / sandbox. Keep track of your mission parameters and get in the fight and drama while you go. Graphics from this world, so you need a gaming computer, if you do not use the console. The story is based on people, it’s not really about the victory in the war, but about the people in it. The history and nature of the action appear to have been inspired by the film “Fury of War”.

Christian pyrotechnic explosions and expensive drama

As PC gaming has taught us, the sound is everything,and the creators of Battlefield 1 know about it. Shoot somebody close, and you can really get your bones broken, like bullets. the explosion sounds sharp and the sound of the pistol is not much to repeat, it’s a great plus in such shots. graphic design, but they are not perfect. As in many war games, the face of the character looks a little bit. Given the current console technology, they could have done something more with the character’s character. Instead, most of their effortsmake the effects so that the game looks fantastic when the fight is in full swing. The creators have added a lot of variety in the game, while jumping from scenarios to the legs, to another plane, the other balloon and so on. This adds a reboot to the game, but takes the advsprimaetstsarealism of the game. Unfortunately, the creators of cutting pieces from the game so that they can be sold with the inscription. For example, you can not play French if you do not pay extra.


Historyis new, although time trials, war drama and gaming are far ahead. EA broke it a bit, so digging money and forcing players to pay extra content that can be downloaded, before enjoying the whole game. However, if you purchased a gaming computer, Plaistation 4 and Xbox One, the reason for Battlefield 1 is that you paid all the money.

Battlefield 1