Plants vs Zombies 32/64 Bit torrent

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Plants vs Zombies 32/64 Bit torrent

Plants vs Zombies

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Plants vs. Zombies is a nice and simple game where you have to fight plants with unusual weapons

Zombies against zombies are very different. Zombies want to eat your brain and do everything possible to enter your home. You will encounter various zombies, from ordinary undead to rugby to reach and (work () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);});

Although you must use strategies and livelihoods, every few levels are Mimeavs zombies in mini-gameslike bowling broken, even if you have a ball and zombie lines, no pins. These and other challenges allow you to earn points that you can later use to buy new plant types or increase your stock.

In addition to the original adventure mode, zombies come up against plants and other ways to enjoy them for hours. In rescue mode, you must defend yourself from endless zombiesZombies, so you can check how long you will live,while in Zen Garden you have time to rest and take care of your plants before taking advantage of your gardening expertise.

To protect yourself from zombies, you have a wide selection of flowers and vegetables to choose from: shoot flowers, peanuts to reduce your enemies, or mushrooms and daisies that help harvest points of light that are used as coins grow new plants. All of these plants will help to make your home zombiesafe.

controland gameplay

Plants against zombies are controlled with a mouse. We are not easy to do, which will help you to deal with you.

Fight zombies to learn very soft turns: The game lets you escape on the first mission, to the point where you feel you are slowing down. This little difficulty gradually increases until the last attack to hell, where you must plan your defense to use resources completely and properly.


TechnicallyAlthough plants against zombies are not really the edge of the game, they certainly have nothing. They have a cheerful character and a nice design that has some points. You see, you start with the care of a curious undead.


Of course, Plant Against Zombies is one of the funniest and most addictive games you can play on a PC. The number of plants and zombies is very large, but gradually taken to avoid long-term damage.

Plants vs Zombies