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Presenter Application Submission Guidelines

Thank you so much for your interest in applying to be a presenter with canfitpro. We understand how much time and effort is put into each application and we’re very thankful for your time and patience through this process. Below are all of the details outlining the process in becoming a presenter, with helpful tips along the way. We strongly recommend you read through everything before filling out the application to fully understand what we’re looking for.


You may send in an application at any time of the year, however applications are due a minimum of six (6) months prior to each event date, with the exception of the International Fitness and Club Business Conference and Trade Show held in Toronto, for which applications are due no later than September 30 of the previous year. Due to the time required to plan our conference events, your application may not be considered if it does not arrive on time.

Presentation spaces are very limited, and we try to comprise our presenter team of a variety of established presenters, brand new faces and experts from other industries (i.e. business, self development, etc). Successful applicants are notified when we send out contracts for each event. Generally contracts are sent out approximately three (3) months prior to the conference date with the exception of Toronto which are sent six (6) months prior.

Topic Selection

Our primary goal at canfitpro is to offer a broad scope of topics related to the fitness industry, whether they are brand new concepts or trusty old techniques. We must offer sessions that will appeal to the greatest number of people in order to fully utilize convention time and space. There are a certain number of spaces available for each particular topic/category (i.e. hi/low aerobics, mind-body, step, resistance training, stretch/flexibility, motivation, specialty programs, educational concepts, business/management, nutrition, personal training, outdoor programming, children, seniors, aquatics, etc.). Successful presenters are those who can offer something different, beyond the basic class – add a variation and you’ll stand out from the crowd!

We recommend that you do not use vague statements like “I can present on anything!” or “please look at my website to see what I can do!”.

Presentation Standards

Once topics are selected, each presentation application is reviewed for its safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. Primary emphasis is placed on the most educational, useful and innovative concepts. The education department has very strict quality guidelines for applications of all types. For example, the presenter must have strong public speaking abilities, excellent delivery methods, appropriate educational background, thorough knowledge of his/her topic, and adherence to current industry guidelines. The presentation must be useful in nature, have mass-appeal, provide logical content, adhere to industry guidelines, and be innovative and as unique as possible.

Video Details

The video submission is mandatory as it is the best way to show us your skills as a presenter. Make sure you put your best foot forward and show us what you’ve got! Here are some suggestions for preparing the video:

  • It does not need to be a professional video, a single angle camcorder on a tripod is sufficient, as long as you are in the shot for most of the video
  • Taping yourself in a regular class setting or in a presentation is appropriate. Please send a video of yourself teaching to the relevant audience (i.e. Please demonstrate your skills teaching to fitness professionals rather than the general public.)
  • We are looking for skills in mirror imaging, presentation pizzazz, cueing excellence, dynamic delivery and motivational skills
  • Always ask your participants for their permission to videotape the class, and explain what the video will be used for
  • Please send a DVD or an electronic file/link (DVDs will not be returned)
  • Please clearly label any DVDs (name, address) and send it with your application
  • It is recommended that your video be a minimum of 15 minutes in length

Even if you are taping yourself in a regular class setting, show us your presentation skills. Mirror imaging is very important. Think about what sets apart the presenters you see at conferences (personality, enthusiasm, motivation, connection with the audience) and put those qualities into your video submission. We often get videos of great instructors or trainers, but don’t always see the “extras” that elevate someone into a fantastic presenter.

Final Determining Factors

Final decisions are then based on what is needed for a particular event as a whole and what is desired by the participants who have attended in years’ past. The mission behind our programming is to provide both the professional and the consumer with the most useful, educational, and innovative information available each year.

For past years, we have had over 300 applicants for just over 100 presenter positions. Of these, we selected approximately 15 who were brand “new” applicants trying to get a start in the industry. The competition is steep, so do your best to adhere to the guidelines above. We generally do not choose topics that include the following limitations set by the applicant:

  • Needs to be more than 1.5 hours (we do not choose longer sessions)
  • Are presented to us as a “certification” course – we do not accept “certification” courses or workshops at the conference except for those that fit into our sponsorship model
  • Needs more than a few pieces of studio equipment – the more accommodating you are with your equipment needs, the more likely those sessions will be selected

Regional Events
Our regional events are held in various cities across Canada. Because there are usually less than 20 presenters involved in each of these events, we choose presenters that have already successfully presented at our other events or those who are successful as local presenters in the host city. A separate application is not required for these events.

A Note to Previous canfitpro Presenters and Applicants

We keep applications on file from the previous year, so if you would like us to “reactivate” your file for the following year, please drop us a line. Remember that we are looking for “new” topics, so usually a brand new application is best.

Submitting your Application

  1. Submit this application form by e-mail to presenters@canfitpro.com
  2. Identify the title for each presentation.
  3. Identify each presentation as a lecture (theory only), workshop (some theory, some practical), or workout (masterclass, practical only).
  4. Provide a 50 – 100 word description for each presentation.
  5. Identify any special equipment/props used or needed in each presentation (i.e. studio equipment like steps, stability balls, handweights; audio/visual needs, etc.) per person or group (i.e. 1 ball : 2 people).
  6. Provide a video (DVD or online) of you in action. You only need to submit one video per application, not per topic (this is a MUST for all new applicants). Please see the website for more information.
  7. Provide a 30 – 75 word biography.
  8. Provide your resume and/or curriculum vitae featuring complete educational background, certifications, and all professional industry related experience.
  9. Provide your full name, mailing address, phone and fax numbers, and e-mail address.

We do accept applications to co-present a topic, but we must receive the above points for each presenter applying.

Sending your Application

To submit an application, fill in the online form with as much detail as possible. If you are not able to submit the application electronically, please contact The Education Department at 1-800-667-5622 or at presenters@canfitpro.com. All the materials requested above must be sent in order for your application to be processed. If you are submitting separate documents, please ensure that each file is saved clearly indicating your name.

Videos may be submitted electronically or mailed to:

canfitpro Presenter Applications
110-225 Select Ave.
Toronto, ON
M1X 0B5

Click here to download the Presenter Application Form.

Click here to download the Academy Presenter Application Form.

Make sure to save the PDF to your computer before you begin filling it out or it will not save your information.

Please DO NOT fill out this form using the Preview program on your Mac computer, please save the form to your computer and fill in using Adobe.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. We need to have a complete file to adequately assess your application.