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Academy Events

Brain Fitness Training – Level One

In this session, you'll be given tools to optimize brain potential, build neurological resources, and get the most out of life.

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Brain Fitness Training – Level Two

You'll leave with improved goal-setting and focusing techniques to communicate more effectively and make better choices. Continuation of the Level One course, you'll build on what you learned, exploring variations on activities and movements.

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Certified Coaching Practitioner

During this course you will learn coaching and why it works, how to be a great coach as well as how to market and promote within a successful business model.

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Chair Fitness Ideas

Come out & enjoy working out in & with a chair, helping to improve cardio fitness, build strength, develop better balance, improve range of motion.

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Common Medical Conditions and Exercise Prescriptions for the Older Adult

We'll discuss programming for the older adult with one or more medical conditions and present strategies for fall prevention and balance training.

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Core Concepts

This course will provide participants with the confidence and competence to develop a progressive core training program that is specific to an individual's capacity through a simple, research based, practical approach to core testing and exercise prescription.

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Demystifying Nutrition: Part Three

Following up on the success of the first two Demystifying Nutrition sessions, Lorne will continue his treatment of nutrition-related topics, including intermittent fasting, inflammation, the caffeine debate, and probiotics vs. prebiotics.

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Dynamic Myofascial Systems Training

This course will provide an in depth look at the myofascial system, introduce participants to self-myofascial release, and provide several exercises, both for mobility and strength, that can be used to keep your myofascial system working optimally and prevent dysfunction.

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Falls Prevention & Balance Training

Different commonly used tools & equipment will be examined, reviewed & incorporated to enhance training & exercise modules to work with different clients & group classes.

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Foundation and Fierce Fitness Programming for Ages 11 to 18

This session will discuss research and programming that's engaging, growth-phase targeted, and load-appropriate that will push them to another level of fitness.

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Fun Fitness Phase Programming for Ages 5 to 10

This session will discuss the latest research, successful programming strategies, and how to engage, motivate, and get results for this lively age group.

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Perfect Protocols for Chronic Conditions

In this seminar, you will learn the precise exercise recommendations for diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer's.

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Primal Posture

There is an epidemic of lower back, neck, and shoulder pain costing the medical system billions. It is time for us to take back what is rightfully ours and return to our primal posture.

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Thai Yoga Stretching for Exercise Professionals Part 1

You'll learn a series of assisted stretching techniques inspired by traditional Thai yoga therapy.

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Thai Yoga Stretching for Exercise Professionals Part 2

Building on concepts and techniques learned in Part 1, this session will focus more on mobility and function than flexibility alone.

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NPE Fast Forward™

FAST FORWARD™ is a one day workshop where you'll discover new strategies for finding more of the best clients for your business, learn how to communicate better and help more prospective clients commit to their goals, and gain clarity with a path forward to grow your fitness business.