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Ioana Aboumitri

Ioana is the owner of Kelani International Inc. and creator of Kelani Dance, a safe, fun, and inspiring Polynesian dance class she created after suffering decades of her own eating disorder and body image issues. Facing growing popularity and demand, in 2013 she launched her Kelani Dance instructor certification program – accredited by canfitpro – and has certified numerous instructors across Ontario. Ioana's goal is to continue to spread the Kelani love nationally and internationally.


Daniela Goode

Daniela is a Kinesiologist and Wellness Educator whose passion lies in using movement to foster vibrant health. She has worked throughout Canada, the USA and Europe, including as medical staff for the Jamaican National Basketball Team. As a canfitpro PRO TRAINER, Program Director for PowerPL3Y and Co-Director of Navina Thai Yoga Therapy School, Daniela creates powerful learning opportunities by incorporating key principles of Fitness Training, Yoga Therapy, and Functional Rehabilitation.


Adam Jongmsa

Adam is the Owner and Director of Education Development for Kinetic Performance. Previously working as a clinical Kinesiologist and a Strength Coach, he has worked with numerous professional athletes from the NHL, NFL, SPFL, CFL, and NCAA, as well as everyday fitness enthusiasts looking to optimize function. He brings his knowledge and passion for educating others to each session with a mission to bridge the gap between research and practical application.


Rod MacDonald

Combining over 25 years in the field of fitness and wellness, Rod Macdonald is a recognized authority on how to dramatically improve both body and mind.

In his current role as Vice President of canfitpro, the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry, Rod has influenced thousands of people to positively transform their lives, and the lives of those around them. Overseeing this dynamic 100,000 member organization, Rod continues to propel its growth and position as a leader in the global fitness industry.

Rod is also a best-selling author, editor, cross-Canada cyclist, NLP Practitioner, Certified Coach Practitioner, and 4-time Ironman finisher. Rod credits his own success and happiness to his philosophy of individual responsibility and community contribution.


Ona McDonald

Ona is presently involved in healthy, active living pursuits both in the fitness industry and in the educational system. She has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and is presently a PRO Trainer for Can-Fit-Pro in four disciplines. She currently works with the Toronto District School Board as a consultant in health and physical education and with Ontario Physical and Health Education Association as a Master Trainer for teachers.


Amy Moreland

Amy is the Creator of Kettlebell AMPD, Head Master Trainer and Gym Owner, and a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She is the owner of You Rock Fitness LLC, located outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Amy created Kettlebell AMPD to bring a great training tool, the kettlebell, into the group fitness setting. By using lightweight kettlebells, Amy has created a program that allows people of all fitness levels to enjoy the benefits of kettlebell training with the energy of heart-pumping music.


Lorne Opler

As a personal trainer for 15 years, and a master’s level health educator for 10, Lorne has combined his passion for exercise and nutrition with an interest in health and fitness promotion for special populations. A freelance writer and public speaker with Toastmaster’s International, he currently works as an independent personal trainer specializing in senior fitness, low back rehab, and fitness for chronic disease management and prevention.


David-Dorian Ross

The founder and CEO of TaijiFit and the creator of their revolutionary mind/body program TaijiFit, David-Dorian is an awar-winning T’ai Chi performer. He’s been the host of several T’ai Chi series on PBS and is the author of five books on health and wellness and creator of a dozen award-winning DVDs. With his partner, international action film star Jet Li, David-Dorian is on a mission to introduce T’ai Chi to 100 million new people by 2020.


Lynne Skilton-Hayes

Lynne is the Fitness Program Supervisor at the University of Guelph where she’s responsible for the programming of hundreds of programs for students, varsity, faculty, staff, and community. With 20 years in the industry, she’s an international presenter and a Bender Ball master trainer. Lynne has worked in television and print and has presented nationally and internationally to numerous group fitness workshops. In 2004, she was named PTS ProTrainer of the Year.BSc,canfitpro PTS, FIS ProTrainer, GSTC TRX.

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