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General Benefits

  • Intelligent, user-friendly design and interface
  • Multi-discipline content, programming and functionality
  • Ability to customize site with specific look and feel, resident experts, content, etc.
  • Software designed to promote strong trainer-to-client communication channels
  • Platform built to educate and develop trainer and clients in a more intelligent and efficient fashion
  • Platform provides clients with the resources and guidance to maximize performance
  • Exclusive content and programming provided by world leading industry experts
  • "Wizards" help trainer and clients customize the expert content and programming
  • Tracking tools provide relevant client-based analytics and reporting
  • 3D animations and video provide for the ultimate learning experience (both trainer & client)
  • Development of an interactive, online community for organisations, trainers and clients
  • SMS and Email communication mechanisms for the various types of clients

Benefits for Professionals

  • Communicate more effectively with your clients through user friendly, interactive technologies
  • Leverage our team of world leading strength and conditioning coaches, exercise physiologists, nutritionists and other allied health professionals to increase trainer and client knowledge base
  • Build, share and track your clients' fitness programs and testing from one centralized point of contact
  • Build, share and track your clients' nutrition plans from one centralized point of contact
  • Build, share and track your clients' wellness journals from one centralized point of contact
  • Upload client footage into our video analysis software and share with clients
  • Post and share (via SMS, Email, Facebook etc) events, videos, messages etc. with clients
  • Maximize your clients' performance through our professional level resources, tools and content
  • Receive exclusive training, nutrition and injuy prevention information from our team of experts
  • Participate in online, interactive certification, re-certification and training program